Best Canadian Citizenship Practice Tests

February 28, 2010

When I was preparing for the New Canadian Citizenship Test, I searched the web for practising tools. I try a few web sites and found some useful resources that I want to share with you:

1) Free Online Canadian Citizenship Practise Test, this is a simple yet the most helpful test practice site. First, you just choose the province or territory that you reside in, the system will generate local questions for you. You can choose from 5-100 question for practice. I suggest to use 10-30 questions. After you submit your answers, the system gives out scores and recommendations for places you need to improve. You can choose to redo the test. Even better, it measures the time for you to see if you need to speed up in the actual test. This test has been modified for the new study guide “Discover Canada”.

2) The Canadian Citizenship Practice Test for iPhone/iPod Touch. This is a very useful tool which allows you to have practice test by using your iphone or ipod touch.  You can even practice before going into the test room.  Recommended.

3) The Richmond library practice exam. This is a good site for residents of Richmond, BC. The questions are related to BC or Richmond people.

4) Discover Canada. This is the “textbook” you need to pay attention to. So don’t forget to read it before you go for the test.

Citizenship test in other countries:

British Citizenship Test: Life in the UK for people applying for citizenship or settlement in United Kingdom.  Also there is an iphone version: iCitizenship – UK Citizenship Test.

United State Citizenship Test: For applicants of American citizenship.